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There isn’t a bigger investment in this world than the investment in children.  The amount of resources that goes into developing children for them to become the adults we hope for is unimaginable.  Don’t just think about financial resources that goes into developing a kid.  Think about all of the time and emotion that is spent prepping your children and wishing they do well.

Now think of a unique phenomenon where others willingly choose to invest in children even when it is not their own.  That’s called sports.  Think about all of the property, equipment, coaches and time teams invest to try and develop young athletes.  Consider the hours most coaches spend to work with their players.  Then think about the parents that get involved with their childrens’ play.  They invest an invaluable amount of time, emotion and hope for their childrens’ future.

In short, there are a lot of people with a lot invested in young athletes. Yet, the return on investment, in other words, the success rate of our children going on to become professional athletes is terrible.  Let’s take the world’s biggest sport, football (soccer), as an example.  According to a research done by the European Club Association (ECA) for clubs in Europe, the average football club academy in Europe trains 220 players.  Yet the average senior team only has 4 players playing significant minutes (starting a min. of 3 matches) any given season.

In other words, a child has a 1.8% chance of playing for the senior squad the academy is associated with.  To look at it in a different perspective, 16% of the average senior squad (25 players) is made up of the club’s academy players that play significant minutes.  Imagine going to a doctor with a health issue and the doctor subscribing a pill that solves 16% of your issue.  You would be wondering if it was worth your time and money to go to the doctor in the first place.

There are multiple reasons for the low success rate in youth players being developed properly for a professional career.  With this blog, we intend to share insight for parents who have children playing sports, coaches that work tirelessly to prepare children for the future, and most importantly children themselves.  It’s worth noting we provide children with as many resources as possible to succeed.

No matter the topic, children are our future.  So, the better they develop, the better we will be.  This goes for sports as well.  As our readers, we know you are aware of this.  We are aware of this too.  That’s why our plan is to uncover truths from all perspectives and share suggestions for players, parents and coaches to help in the development of young athletes through, data, facts and professional feedback.  We will share articles that intend to help with parenting and child development.

Stay tuned and let us know if there is a topic that you are particularly curious to find out more about!