I explain in detail my methodology behind rating offensive soccer players

Calculating The Most Valuable Offensive Player (MVOP)

How are offensive values in soccer calculated

Below you will find the explanation behind my methodology in determining the value each offensive player adds to his team.

“Ever since association football began, goals scored have been credited to the player placing the ball in between the goal posts. Only more recently have assists begun to be tracked. Not until 1986 did FIFA begin to track assists unofficially. But are these two metrics really telling of how each goal is produced? Not all goals are accompanied with an assist, and the definition of an assist is still very much in question. Not to mention, there could be multiple players involved in the preparation of goal, but you wouldn’t know it by just looking at the current goal scored data.

For the reasons mentioned above (along with many reasons not mentioned), reevaluating credit towards each goal is a must in order to give those who follow soccer a better understanding of which players are involved in the formation of a goal rather than simply tracking the players who score. While which players score goals and provide assists should continue to be tracked, the information I am about to provide could serve as an alternative for determining the value of players for each goal scored.

Each player prior to the goal scorer touching the ball had to make a play that significantly improved the following players play towards a goal in order to be considered to be a part of that goal (Ex: a simple side pass of a player in his own end was not considered significant). Each proceeding play from the initial play in the process of a goal doubled in value (Ex: If only the player scoring the goal and the player that made the assist were involved, then the goal scorer was awarded with 66% of the goal while the player making the assist was awarded with 33% of the goal).”

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Following this process:

“Below are guidelines I have determined to value each goal scored by any player. I give each goal a value in terms of points that goal helps the club earn during a given match day.”

guidelines for goals

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